Illustration, UX/UI, 3D, Visual Identity

I work as a graphic designer with a focus on UX/UI design and visual identity but I like to accompany my designs with custom illustrations and 3D graphics.

I help my clients create projects with a personal touch through polished UI, custom illustrations, and 3D visualizations.

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Are you looking for someone who...

  • has a broad scope?
  • offers interdisciplinary intersection of services?
  • understands UI not only from a visual but also technical perspective?
  • can empathize with customer needs?
  • has a creative and playful approach?
  • can appeal to the target audience?

and can create...?

Visual identity and 2D/3D graphics

Visual identity is the foundation for proper representation, but nowadays, it often isn't enough on its own.

Stand out with a stylish 3D logo or custom 3D visualizations.

  • logos and visual identity, including 3D and animated logos
  • applied graphics (packaging design, product prints)
  • printed materials (brochures, business cards, flyers, etc.)
  • photo retouching and manipulation
  • 3D visualization of objects, spaces
  • production of 3D models, simple animations

UX/UI design

I offer UI design for web and mobile applications, as well as touchscreen terminals (kiosks). The output for you is an interactive design in Figma format, PSD or PDF.

In my UI designs, I apply experience from programming and vice versa - I know what is possible and what is not. I adhere to recommended practices for individual platforms (Material Design, HIG (Apple Human Interface Guidelines)).

  • websites, e-shops, administrations
  • mobile applications
  • touch terminals (kiosks)


I focus on various types of illustrations, executed both traditionally and digitally (bitmap and vector).

  • book illustrations
  • editorial illustrations
  • accompanying illustrations for web presentations/visual identity
  • mascot illustrations
  • comics



screen designs


designed logos



custom illustrations




Look no further.

My work is also my passion so it is only natural for me to seek new challenges.

I was born in the spring of 1996, and when I first learned to hold a pencil a few years later, I didn't want to let go of it ever since. Soon, I fell in love with the magic of illustrated books, and that's when I decided to become a painter. Although fate led me on a somewhat more technical path, I don't regret it at all because now I can combine my knowledge from various fields.

During high school, I discovered the magic of computers and started programming. I apply these experiences daily in my graphic designs and in my ability to quickly learn new technologies.

While studying packaging and graphic design, I began custom drawing and designing websites for clients. After completing my studies at VoŠ Obalové techniky a grafického designu, I applied my experiences in an advertising studio, primarily in designing the graphic appearance of food packaging.

Subsequently, I applied my knowledge of UI design and programming in the design and programming of front-end for touch terminals on production lines.

My current main focus is on UX/UI design and visual identity.

8 years of experience

8 years of experience

wide range

Wide range of skills

personal approach

Personal approach

friendly hourly rate

Hourly rate €25

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Software of choice
Adobe Photoshop Affinity Designer Figma Procreate Clip Studio Paint Blender Substance painter