I'm based in Czechia, Liberec. I can travel to local or Prague clients, or connect via video call.

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Typical Collaboration Process with Me


Long-term Collaboration


Based on the inquiry, I send a price quote, and with the customer, we clarify the requirements. We align on the same vision and discuss technical possibilities and limitations.


After finalizing the project details, we proceed to schedule and a contract. Once the deposit is paid, I start the actual work.


Depending on the project type, I start with drafts or proceed directly to creation. I provide 2-3 drafts for the customer to choose from, and the selected one is developed further. I typically offer 1-4 revisions included in the price, depending on the type of work. During these revisions, we clarify changes progressively from major to minor.


Once we reach the final version of our creation, I move to the delivery phase. This includes preparing files, including all source materials and exports. If the project was created traditionally (physically), I can send or deliver it upon request.


After the successful delivery of the final materials, we can proceed to close the project. We settle the remaining payment, and I securely archive the project.


We clarify the framework of the project, align on the same vision, and discuss technical possibilities and limitations.


We sign a long-term collaboration contract.


I usually work in an agile mode, meaning we can divide the work into smaller sections based on current development needs and connect, for example, on a weekly basis. We discuss completed work, any changes, and define the next work segment. It's possible to agree on an individual collaboration format that best suits the client's needs.


I usually issue invoices at the end of the month with a payment due date of 14 days.